1. Question: Can I still use my motorcycle to start the lithium battery in a low temperature environment?

Answer: As the temperature decreases, the low-temperature startup performance of lithium batteries decreases, but they can still be used above -10°C. The lead-acid battery will increase the internal resistance after each start-up attempt, until it cannot start. However, if the lithium iron phosphate battery fails to start successfully the first time, the battery temperature will rise during the start, and the second start attempt will be more powerful, and so on until it can start successfully.

Based on our low internal resistance formula, the start-up lithium battery performs better than other brands of start-up lithium battery in low temperature environment. In the -5℃ environment, most users can start successfully at one time. If the car key is turned on before starting in a low temperature environment and the headlights are on, current will flow through, which is beneficial to the battery. The time for the headlights to turn on before starting depends on the temperature. If it is about -5°C, just turn on the light for 30 seconds. If it is -15℃, it can start after 4-5 minutes of lighting. In this way, the first startup is successful and the battery life is longer.