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    12v Lithium Ion Batteries
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  • Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack LFP12-24H
  • Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack LFP12-24H

Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack LFP12-24H

This 12.8 volt Replacement Li-Ion battery packs engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology. This battery has triple the power, less than half the weight, and lasts at least 5 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery – providing exceptional lifetime value. The Starlight battery can for fishing electronics, outdoor use, and SLA replacement.
  • Type: LiFePO4 Battery
  • Size: 166*125*175 mm
  • Weight: 3.0Kg
  • Rated Voltage: 12.8V
  • Capacity: 307.2Wh
  • Warranty:2 Year

Basic Info.

Product description

Product Name

Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack



Nominal Voltage




Charging Voltage

14.6V (Standard) -14.8V(Max)

Charging Mode

0.2C to 14.6V, then 14.6V, charge current to 0.02C (CC/CV)

Rated Charge Current


Max Charge Current


Approximate Weight


Cycle life (80% DOD at 77°F (25°C)


self discharge (at 68°F (20°C)

<1% per month



Material Type


Operating Temperature Range

Charge and Discharge

-22°F (-30°C) to 194°F (90°C)


23°F (-5°C) to 95°F (35°C)

Product Description



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Q1: Can I get the battery samples?
A: We can provide samples and return the samples cost in bulk order.

Q: Do you accept ODM&OEM service business?
A: Yes,we supply OEM&ODM service to customers requirement.

Q: When it will delivery after payment?
A: Samples will take about 3-7 days. bulk order about 10-30 days.

Q: What warranty service do you offer?
A: We take every careful step for our customers, provide a satisfactory and strong backup for their sales and promotion. We offer two year warranty for our lithium battery, Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack, and etc.

Q:How do you ensure high quality of your products?
A:Strict QC with 6 steps testing from raw material purchase to finished product. All export batteries has been tested to ensure the quality.

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