Iron phosphate lithium ion( Lifepo4 ) battery cathode material for lithium iron phosphate, its safety performance and cycle life is obviously can not be compared to other materials. Iron lithium battery to solve the security problem of general battery, the general battery will produce explosion in a strong collision, hidden safety problems; While the lithium iron phosphate batteries has been rigorous safety testing, even if the internal or external battery damage, also will not burn, not explode. The cycle life of the battery is normal in general about 300 times, the highest is about more than 500 times, the use of time is generally 1 to 1.5 years; While the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the cycle life of more than 2000, the standard charge (2 hours), can reach 2000 times, using the time can reach more than 4 years, it is 2 times more than the normal battery; These power battery technology index is one of the most important.