Classification of lithium-ion batteries

• 1. According to the shape classification: button cell, cylindrical cell, square cell, chip cell.

1) cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, usually with five digits, the first two digits refers to the pool diameter, two middle number refers to the pool body height, 0 on behalf of the cylinder.For example, 14500 refers to AA battery, which is about 14mm in diameter and 50mm in height.Common models: 14500,14650, 17490,18500, 18650, 2650032700

2) Prismatic Cell: Usually six figures, respectively represents the cell's thickness × width × height, unit mm, such as 103450 is 10(thickness) ×34(width) ×50(height)mm.If the thickness value is greater than the width value, the thickness should be *0.1, for example, 433861 is 4.3 (43*0.1) ×38×61mm.

• 2. According to the classification of electrolytes: liquid electrolyte battery, semi-solid electrolyte battery (gel electrolyte), solid electrohydrolysate battery (divided into solid polymer and inorganic solid) li-ion is lithium Ion battery, li-PO is li-polymer polymer, the main difference between them lies in the difference of electrolyte.

• 3. According to the case classification: steel shell battery, aluminum shell battery, flexible packaging battery (aluminum-plastic composite film), etc

• 4. According to positive electrode materials: Lithium iron phosphate batteries, Ternary batteries, lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid batteries, etc

What's the Lifepo4 Battery

Jun 17,2020

Iron phosphate lithium ion( Lifepo4 ) battery cathode material for lithium iron phosphate, its safety performance and cycle life is obviously can not be compared to other materials. Iron lithium battery to solve the security problem of general battery, the general battery will produce explosion in a strong collision, hidden safety problems; While the lithium iron